April 2014 Blog Challenges & Growing

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April 2014 Blog Challenges & Growing

Some moments pass by quickly while others drag on.  It feels like it’s been mere minutes that I have been away from the Inspired Living with Fibromyalgia blog, but in truth I have neglected the blog more than a little over the past few months.

Life is simply so easy to slip off into doing other things like working on my book, putting together the second edition of the Fibro Living digital magazine, working with clients, and posting on Facebook (and other social media-but mostly Facebook).

I’ve also put a lot of time and energy into healing – not just from Fibromyalgia, but also from a car accident in December of 2013. But it is past time to really step back into the blog, which was my starting point and the foundation that supports everything else I do.

For April 2014, I am going to participate in TWO blogging challenges with the hopes that I will get back into the habit of sharing my thoughts, experiences, information, and news about Fibro, about coping with symptoms, about some symptoms more in depth, and put together some new graphics as well!

The two challenges are the:

 Ultimate Blog Challenge

UBC Blog Challenge


the Simple Blogging Network

Simple Blogging Challenge

If you are a blogger and want to participate also, I highly recommend them both and would love to see you there! Both of the challenges are FREE of charge and I’ve met some great people at them in the past. I always learn a lot and hope you do too!

For the wonderful new people I hope to meet through the challenges, this blog is about not only coping but thriving with a chronic pain syndrome called Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia affects millions of people and can be extremely debilitating. The symptoms go far beyond pain as well and can include cognitive issues and extreme fatigue and much more.

I’ve been fortunate enough to learn some great ways of coping, so that I can live what I consider an Inspired Life (one filled primarily with joy and excitement and dreams) and try to help others, though I often end up more than a little stretched in multiple directions a bit like a rubber band about to shoot into orbit.

My hope is that everyone with or without Fibromyalgia will be willing to learn more and share information and offer hope and healing, in the form of inspiration and information. for the sake of the millions of wonderful people suffering with the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.



Although the overall theme of my blog is about Fibromyalgia, it is also about living an abundant and inspiring life which speaks to many people who are interested in improving their quality of life.

Whether you have Fibro or not, you are welcome here! Just please be respectful of the people in varying stages of coping with a difficult chronic illness. This is a place to grow and learn.



Hello Fibro Friends. My name is Emily. I have Fibromyalgia, but it doesn’t have me, at least not anymore! After coping with the chronic pain and other difficult symptoms of Fibromyalgia for more than a decade, I have learned wonderful ways to improve my quality of life and find inspiration in the world around me. My purpose in life is to increase Fibromyalgia awareness and understanding, while helping others reach an Inspired Life! I love teaching others how to not only cope with Fibromyalgia, but to actually excel at living an abundant, healthy, and inspired lifestyle.

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  1. Emily, what a great post. I, too, was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I really resonated with your inspired living saying and will follow your blog this month during our challenge! Thanks for the tip about the other blogging challenge. I’m going to check that out too:-)
    Tandy recently posted…Coordinated Health Care: Who Knew?My Profile

    • I’m so pleased you resonated with the saying! I’m also glad to hear you will be following this month. IF you would ever like to write an article about how you deal with Fibromyalgia and what you are doing now, I’d love to share it. I find everyone’s stories about their life with Fibromyalgia really inspiring and so do a lot of the people who read the blog!

  2. Hi Emily, I came across your blog on the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I’ve known several people with Fibromyalgia but feel like I just don’t know enough about it to really understand it. I look forward to stopping back to learn more about Fibromyalgia and your experience of a more abundant life.
    Pam recently posted…Quick tip: using colorMy Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by Pam. I really enjoy the Ultimate Blog Challenge and can’t wait to get to know you better. This is a great place to learn about Fibro.

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