Young Fibromyalgia Patients May Have Worse Symptoms

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Young Fibromyalgia Patients May Have Worse Symptoms

According to a Mayo Clinic study, young and middle-aged Fibromyalgia patients report worse symptoms and a poorer quality of life than older patients. The suggestion is that the syndrome may be experienced differently for people in different age groups.

Although all people in the study with Fibromyalgia reported lower quality of life than the average person of their age in the United States, the younger people actually had lower scores in mental and physical health than the older ones.

These seems incredibly counter-intuitive and backwards to me. Age has always played a factor, but I always though the opposite. In general, people as they age have more health problems, so it seemed like the symptoms for Fibromyalgia would follow the same pattern, but for some reason it didn’t.


I don’t know. More research needs to be done of course, but I suspect it has to do with the cultural differences in the way younger people have been raised versus older people. I also suspect that it is in part due to the changes in diet from generation to generation. Fifty years ago, fast food was not as prevalent as it is today, nor was processed food in general. However, younger people today often eat these foods as part of their normal diet.

I believe that ultimately these findings are going to lead to a better understanding of Fibromyalgia and treatment options. Perhaps the reason some treatments work so well for some people and not others is as simple as your age. If that is the case, then it is possible the treatments could change drastically and be more individualized and maybe even work better for everyone!





Hello Fibro Friends. My name is Emily. I have Fibromyalgia, but it doesn’t have me, at least not anymore! After coping with the chronic pain and other difficult symptoms of Fibromyalgia for more than a decade, I have learned wonderful ways to improve my quality of life and find inspiration in the world around me. My purpose in life is to increase Fibromyalgia awareness and understanding, while helping others reach an Inspired Life! I love teaching others how to not only cope with Fibromyalgia, but to actually excel at living an abundant, healthy, and inspired lifestyle.

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  1. I’ve got RA and fully understand what living with chronic pain is like on daily basis. Don’t think people realise how deliberating it is unless you have experienced yourself.
    Candace recently posted…Caption This! (5 April 2013)My Profile

    • I think you are right, unless someone is coping with chronic pain; it is virtually impossible for them to truly understand how debilitating it can be!

  2. It could be partly a relative issue.Being ill and in pain when your young you are comparing yourself to friends that are young,active full of youth,middle aged we are comparing ourselves to our peers working on careers and families maybe starting to have pain issues s their bodies age,but once we are senior we are comparing ourselves with an older generation that has more medical problems in general.

    • That’s a great point! I think you are right, we tend to compare ourselves with others in our peer group, so it stands to reason that younger people dealing with Fibromyalgia symptoms would report as having worse symptoms, simply because we are comparing ourselves to others in the same age bracket who are not dealing with the same health issues.

  3. Great website, Emily! I can speak only for myself as I say that I do believe that younger people suffer from worse symptoms than older. This I know as I compare myself to others with Fibro (and much older than me and in a different place in life). Individual difference do occur, though. But maybe one reason is that people in their 20’s-30’s has small children and are only starting their careers etc witch takes a lot of time and energy and wear them down. Opposed to let’s say senior people who can maybe plan their day a bit differently..But still I’m sure it’s challenging no matter what your age.

    • That’s a really great point. I think you are right that many of the younger people with Fibromyalgia have different levels of demands that they must try to meet for their children and careers, whereas perhaps those of retirement age can manage their day differently.

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